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We provide unique services for Enterprises and Professionals within the Tourism Industry

Social Development

We drive industry transformation, promote labout stability, support skills development, race and gender mainstreaming and youth development and intergration.

Tourism Development

We stand for and promote responsible Tourism, support Tourism business sustainability, promote legal compliance within the industry and support and develop small Tourism businesses.

National Development

We support sector development plans, national development plans and the economic transformation agenda. We also push for procurement reallignment.

Human Resource Development

We promote knowledge sharing, facilitate the management of the Human Resource talent pool within our organisation and promote individual skills development.


The Tourism Association for Everyone

Ujamaa Tourism Association was established to address the various challenges that are born out of dynamic democratic dispensation.

Ujamaa Tourism Association is alligned with the goals of the South African Tourism Department social program and the National Development Plan.

South AFrica is a country rich in Social Culture and we aim to promote that to the rest of the world, while developing our local Tourism Industry to World Standards.

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Become a Member of Ujamaa Tourism Association

Join one of the leading and fastest growing Tourism Association in South Africa, operating in all nine provinces. You can either join as a Tourism Enterprise or Professional.

Ujamaa members
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Soweto Tourism Association - Member of Ujamaa

Soweto Tourism Association is an affiliate member of Ujamaa. We share the same core values and have found synergies in our operations - we are therefore a stronger Tourism Association as a result.

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C.A.A.S.A. - Member of Ujamaa

Culinary Arts Association of South Africa (CAASA) is a Chefs Association with approximately 800 members across the African continent.

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United African Women in Culinary - Member of Ujamaa

United African Women in Culinary - Aims to develop women chefs in Africa.

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African Chefs United - Member of Ujamaa

African Chefs United aims to preserve and promote African cuisine and hosts food festivals across the African continent.


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