Terms and Conditions for Ujamaa Toursim Association Membership

Membership and the applicable fees will be valid for a period of one calendar year.

UTA Membership Confirmation Letter will be issued to applicants upon receipt of a completed and authorized membership application form and proof of payment received.

Annual membership will automatically be renewed and confirmed unless notification of the intention to terminate is received in writing, addressed to UTA Offices, a minimum of three months prior to expiry date of relevant agreement.

Members wishing to terminate their membership during the course of the current financial year will be required to pay any and all outstanding membership fees for the year in question on a monthly pro-rata basis.

Membership may be terminated by the association should the annual fees be outstanding for a period in excess of 30 days and/or in the event of the individual or establishment does not adhere to the below code of conduct as laid down by the association. UTA reserves the right to charge 2% interest per month for outstanding fees 60 days after the date of invoice.

Termination of membership, for whatever reason will result in the withdrawal of the membership and cancellation of all membership benefits by means of written notification to the relevant suppliers.

Code of Conduct

As the Private Sector's Voice for the Tourism Industry in South Africa, Ujamaa Tourism Association requests its members:

  • To respect the rights, dignity and professional integrity of clients, guests, employees and fellow members, and to respond promptly to their needs and requirements.
  • To provide accurate and unambiguous information to clients and guests in respect of all activities, products, services, facilities and charges whether by advertisement, brochures or by any other means.
  • To recognize their own limitations in the interest of their clients, colleagues and employees.
  • To acknowledge and respect the abilities and expertise of fellow members and competitors.
  • To maintain a high level of honesty, hospitality and courtesy in business.
  • To actively protect and enhance where possible, the environment and the natural resources of South Africa.
  • To implement lawful, healthy, safe and equitable employment conditions, enhance equal employment opportunities and support human resource development through training.
  • To respect the constitution of South Africa and comply with all of the relevant national, provincial and local legislation.
  • To encourage and support national and international marketing promotional initiatives and tourism development opportunities, thereby contributing to the upliftment of the South African community.
  • To promote public awareness and support for tourism and the safety and security of tourists in South Africa.