Ujamaa Enterprise Membership

Ujamaa is a representative body for Tourism Businesses

There are three main pillars of development we offer for Tourism Businesses: Tourism Development, Social Development and National Development. We are focused on assisting businesses that participate in the Tourism Ecosystem to capitalise on all available opportunities to be succesful, grow and create jobs for our local economy.

We support Responsible Tourism and strive for service delivery excellence and the creation of sustainable tourism ecosystem that is inclusive to all participating businesses.

Member Benefits for Tourism Businesses

When you join Ujamaa Tourism Association, amongs other things you will get access to "Tourism Parliament", which will assist with companies getting preferential government procurement. Businesses will participate in information sessions and receive regular bulletins.

You will be a member of a network of suppliers, working together as a team to promote every business in the team. You will be a member of network forums and benefit from out bulk discounts for member products and services.

As a member organisation you also receive access to unemployed youth database for your business, and you will be featured on our website, member catalogue and be able to manage your reservations from our reservations portal.

We also provide Trade Exhibition Support and training, to assist our members in growing their businesses even further.